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The Profit<
Genres : Reality Special Interest
Country : United States
Language : English
Year : 2013
Episode Runtime : 60 m.

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When Marcus Lemonis isn’t running his multi-billion dollar company, Camping World, he goes on the hunt for struggling businesses that are desperate for cash and ripe for a deal. In the past 10 years, he’s successfully turned around over 100 companies. Now he’s bringing those skills to CNBC and doing something no one has ever done on TV before … he’s putting millions of dollars of his own money on the line. In each episode, Lemonis makes an offer that’s impossible to refuse; his cash for a piece of the business and a percentage of the profits. And once inside these companies, he’ll do almost anything to save the business and make himself a profit; even if it means firing the president, promoting the secretary or doing the work himself. [CNBC]
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Marcus seems like a lousy business man
3 /10
I have watched this show 2 times in the last 2 weeks. One of the episodes involved a company called Skullduggery (Toy Company). I do not remember the ...
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A Great Reality Show or a Fake?
4 /10
I don't know what to grade this show because I'm not sure what I'm watching.The idea is a great one: Have a turn-around expert come into struggling b ...
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Repetitious Stories with No Real Endings
5 /10
(Disclaimer: I have only seen 7 episodes of "The Profit".) I tried hard to get into the show because I really like the idea of teaching the audience ...
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Exceptional Balance Between Entertainment and Small Business Managament
9 /10
Just happened to flip to CNBC for an after market trading check, but this show happened to be on. I ended up watching a rerun at 6 pm and the new epi ...
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Watch More Than A Couple of Episodes
As another reviewer accurately wrote, this is similar to shows like Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, it is also like Bar Rescue. However, ...
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A great show that shows why most small businesses fail
1 /10
A reality show with some similarities to Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Marcus Lemonis is a self made millionaire who specialises in investing i ...
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a great educational show!!
1 /10
anyone who has a small business needs to watch this show. Marcus is a foremost a businessman and the main objective is to make money but he's willing ...
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